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French classes for kids

Ma Classe Learning specializes in French as a second language instruction for children from Kindergarten to Grade 6. Our programs are specific to procifiency levels and age groups: we offer group tailored classes for students in French Immersion, early Core French and Core French, but also for young beginners starting from Grade 2. Besides classes, our recreational programs aim to provide a fun, authentic experience of French culture and language and are available for all children.

French classes online

Over the past few years we have designed a distinct online learning format with options suitable from SK to Grade 6. This format has been enhanced during the pandemic and gained lots of popularity among parents. It offers a combination of live classes on Zoom in small groups and individual self-study based on our own customized, web-based resources.

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Children learn French online.
Icon representing a first introductory class for young beginners in SK-1.

First French Class

  • A fun introduction to the French language through images, songs, stories, bingo games and labeling activities
  • Suitable for SK-1 beginner students
Icon representing a French immersion class - level 1.

French Immersion 1

  • Focus on basic vocabulary building
  • Introduction to reading and writing through short graded readers
  • Open to students enrolled in French Immersion-Gr.1/2
Icon representing a French immersion class - level 2.

French Immersion 2

  • Focus on reading and writing through short stories
  • Fun introduction to basic tenses and verb conjugation
  • Open to students enrolled in French Immersion-Gr.2/3
Icon representing a Core French class.

Core French 1

  • Introduction to basic vocabulary and phrases
  • Focus on oral communication skills
  • Suitable for beginner students (Gr.3/4)

French Program Update

In-person programs are not offered during 2021-22 academic year

In-person programs

We offer an after-school program throughout the school year as well as summer camps (July-August) aimed at students from Senior Kindergarten to Grade 3. These programs take place from our High Park centre. In addition, we offer group tutoring and classes on the weekends at one of our locations.

Children learn French online.
Icon representing typical after-school activities.

After-school program

  • Art-based activities in French including arts and crafts, painting, salt-dough workshops
  • Small group tutoring and homework support for French Immersion students
  • Suitable for Core French and French Immersion students from SK to Grade 3
Icon representing a baking class in French.

Bake and learn French

  • Children learn how to make typical French pastry from scratch
  • Sessions are bilingual or fully in French depending on proficiency levels
  • Open to students from grade 1 to 6
Icon representing typical summer camp activities.

Summer camps and day camps

  • Short academic classes for French Immersion, Core French or full beginner
  • Recreational activities are theme-based and include visual arts, arts and crafts, theme-based salt-dough projects, introduction to calligraphy, etc.
  • Fun games and outdoor trips in High Park
  • Offered throughout July and August - full-day or half-day options available