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Ma Classe is small, family-friendly business run by a team of dedicated teachers that are either native or fully bilingual speakers. French as a Second Language (FSL) instruction is our specialty and we are passionate about teaching kids all ages and backgrounds. We work very closely together and everyone at some level is Involved in curriculum building and material preparation. We strive to provide the best learning experience for every single student and to supplement one of the best selections of French learning materials in Toronto, we regularly design our own resources whether online or in class.

We offer a variety of programs for every level, age group and linguistic profile, either based on provincial expectations or fully customized if necessary. Every program is constantly being enriched with new resources and activities. We follow a modern, result-oriented communicative approach that makes learning both effective and fun. For increased results we have designed fully functional classrooms with a low ratio of 1 instructor for 6 kids in very class.

In a nutshell we are fully committed to your child’s academic success at Ma Classe. We look forward to welcoming your kids in our High Park centre!

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Play & Learn French Program 2017-18French Immersion / Core French Ages 5-8 | SK-3 Arts & Crafts BakingMarch Break Camps 2018

One program - one approach

Play & Learn French

Each program at MaClasse! follows a specific educational approach determined by its objectives and the students’ age and linguistic background. Our Play & Learn French program aims to expose kids to basic spoken French through theme-based songs, visual cues and mimetic gesture as well as a variety of hands-on activities and easy arts & crafts. Research shows that kids regularly exposed to a second language naturally absorb and quickly familiarize themselves with the fundamental aspects of the language - basic vocabulary, sounds and intonation, high-frequency verbs and oral structures. While sessions always include short, structured repetition periods to support the memorization process of vocabulary presented, the program relies mainly on a natural/intuitive approach best suited for kids aged 4-6.

Introductory French / Core French Training  

Our Introductory Core French (Gr.1-2) and Core French Training (Gr.3-6) programs take place in a more structured setting with more formatted lessons based on a curriculum and progression in units. Teachers follow a communicative approach, with mainly oral, interactive activities that keep all students engaged and motivated. The content is based on the Ontario Core French curriculum (English track) and is designed to help students build effective, oral communication skills in most everyday situations and in a limited amount of time.

French Immersion

Our French Immersion program is designed for students enrolled in a French Immersion curriculum at school (who receive a minimum of 50% of instruction in French). At grade 1, sessions consist mainly in basic vocabulary building based on visual cues (flashcards with a picture and a word) as well as easy songs. Most of the activities are oral and students are often presented with sound cards or games to help them develop phonological awareness in French. From grade 2 through grade 3, as students are gaining increased confidence and gradually build more effective communication skills, the focus of our sessions shifts to work on reading and writing, in particular to attention to grammar and verb accuracy. Graded readers and simple comprehension activities play a major role in helping students develop their skills while continuing to expand their vocabulary in a wide range of themes. Classes also include theme-based games and interactive activities to keep kids both engaged and motivated.

Contact Us

To inquire about one of our programs, please fill out a form online or call us at (416) 532-7280. Be sure to sign up now for our newsletter for regular updates.

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