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Afterschool Program

The afterschool program at Islington offers motivated students from Grade 4 to 6 an opportunity to develop their second language skills in small groups in a semi-formal / relaxed setting. The program takes place everyday from 4 to 6 pm and combines short group classes and homework support with recreational activities in French.

Second language instruction

Option 1: Core French Training (CFT) Class

Option 2: French Immersion homework support

Recreational activities

Schedule and dates

The afterschool program is offered all year long except during the summer break. The fall term starts on Monday, September 10 and ends on Friday, December 21.

Parents can register their children for a minimum of 8 weeks or the full term (15 weeks). There is a one-week trial period for students who attend more than once a week.

Fall 2018 Rates

Sessions /week Rate /day Rate /month
Once a week 35.00 175.00
Twice a week 30.00 240.00
3 times a week 28.00 336.00
4 times a week 26.00 416.00
Everyday 24.00 480.00

For siblings or referrals we apply a 5% discount rate to total fees.

No class on Thanksgiving --- date --- fees will be prorated


  • Parents wait in the lobby/waiting area on the first floor (entrance at 1092 Islington Ave) no later than 6 PM - for students that are being picked up
  • Please advise us by phone if you need to pick up your child earlier or later than 6:00 PM
  • If you need to talk with us after the program please advise us the day before so we can arrange for a meeting