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Bake and Learn French!

Authentic baking classes for kids in both languages

Play & Learn French Session

Our program offers children aged 5-9 a unique opportunity to make traditional French pastry from scratch using simple, natural ingredients – while developing their conversational skills in a real-life situation.

Food is not only an excuse for French - kids will truly learn how to bake and enjoy tasting quality pastry at the end of each session!

Sessions are conducted by a trained, bilingual instructor who has chosen and tested every single recipe. Each term features a new selection of popular baked treats from France, including escargots, madeleines, sablés bretons, chocolat fondants (see some of our creations below). Sessions take place in small groups (up to 6 students) under the supervision of two adults.

A typical baking session

Single portion recipes ensure that all kids get to experiment every step of the recipe by themselves – weighing ingredients with their own scale, using their own utensils and bake ware, etc. Taking responsibility "in the kitchen" is a powerful source of joy and motivation for children: not only does it instill in them a sense of achievement and pride but it also dramatically increases their natural readiness for language acquisition. To facilitate this process, our instructor shares his savoir-faire in both languages, switching from French to English and vice-versa, and performs a step-by-step demonstration for everyone to visualize the ingredients and techniques involved at each stage of the recipe. Assistants make sure kids reach the results expected before everyone moves on to the next step.

Upon completion of the recipe, students are presented with hands-on activities or games relating to a specific recipe made in class or food in general. This period of time allows them to consolidate vocabulary seen during the session - while the pastries are being baked. The final call “C’est prêt!” always bring a huge smile to every face - kids can't wait to see and taste the results of their hard work and are thrilled to take their creations home to share with family or friends!

Play & Learn French Session

Educational benefits

Beyond all the baking fun and language exposure, our Bake & Learn program will help kids develop essential, life-long skills and teach them essential notions:

  • motor skills: pouring, using a whisk, stirring, dough blending, fruit cutting, etc.
  • math skills: fractions, counting, units of measure (using the metric system) and conversions
  • science: chemical reactions, changing states of matter with temperature
  • language & cultural exposure – recipes offered are all traditional recipes and popular household names in France and the French-speaking world
  • sense of aesthetics/creativity: by sizing, shaping, colouring (and along with other cake decoration techniques) their own servings in original manners
  • understanding of kitchen safety rules and notion of hygiene

More importantly, this unique hands-on experience will also promote appreciation for authentic, home-made food while developing concentration and confidence in every child.

A pic into the deliciousness

Les sables bretons

Play & Learn French Session

These soft butter cookies have gained a solid reputation among kids & parents and are regularly handed out to kids as snacks during camps or weekend classes. They can also have the taste and feel of real biscuits when baked thinner and a couple of minutes longer.

Le moelleux aux pommes

Play & Learn French Session

This delicious apple cake naturally featured in our selection last fall - its moistness and flavour were to die for! The Moelleux aux pommes can be enjoyed cold or warm with a spoonful of vanilla ice-cream.

Les madeleines

Play & Learn French Session

These typical French lemon-flavoured pastries have been tested over and over - their taste & texture now almost nears perfection! Madeleines are typically made with vanilla and lemon zest but can be made with chocolate chips, honey or bay fruits as well.

Le clafoutis

Play & Learn French Session

This delectable flan-like French treat is traditionally baked with cherries; this one was made with raspberries and apples and a few drops of natural vanilla extract. We can't wait to have it again and try out different combinations of fruits next term!

Les escargots

Play & Learn French Session

This pie dough-based recipe is both simple and fun to do - no wonder it has become one of the kids' all-time favourite! See how appealing these snail-shapes rolls look in this picture with their soft texture and caramelized brown sugar!

La pizza vegetarienne

Play & Learn French Session

Our Bake & Learn program always features one or two savoury dishes and our vegetarian home-made pizza is one of them. Naturally, it is also features at least one a week in our day camps.

Schedule and dates

Play & Learn French sessions last one hour and are offered once or twice a week.

Parents can register their children for a minimum of 8 weeks or the full term (9 weeks this winter).

Winter 2019 Rates

Sessions /week Rate /class Rate /term
Once a week 45.00 405.00

*For siblings or referrals we apply a 5% discount rate on total fees.

*There is no class on Family Day: Monday' February 2019 - fees will be prorated.

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